Recruitment For Cleaner/Housekeeper in Canada

Recruitment For Cleaners/Housekeepers in Canada

Are you looking for a job in a cleaner/housekeeper company? Do you feel like your present employer does not offer enough opportunity to develop your skills and knowledge? If so, then a new career in Canada is the best option for you.

Working in a Canadian cleaning company offers more opportunities to grow and develop professionally. With a wide variety of companies to choose from, finding a job is simple.

Who is a Cleaner/Housekeeper?

A housekeeper is someone who supervises a staff of cleaning professionals and may also perform some cleaning duties themselves. Some housekeepers supervise other people while others may do all the cleaning duties themselves.

A housekeeper is responsible for maintaining a home or business in a neat and sanitary state. Here are some of the main duties of a housekeeper. They are responsible for organizing and scheduling cleaning tasks.

A housekeeper is a more permanent presence in a home. They usually come once or twice a week or more often, depending on client needs. They perform a list of daily or weekly tasks and may need to purchase cleaning products.

A house cleaner is less frequent and is hired when a larger job is needed. They may also be required to use disinfectants and steam-operated sterilizers to maintain hygienic conditions.

A housekeeper usually has several clients. They visit each one for a couple of hours each week. These individuals may work for a cleaning company or independently. Sometimes, a housekeeper works with several cleaning companies, collaborating with each one to clean more efficiently.

The clients should supply the cleaners with the cleaning supplies and equipment. A housekeeper can also order and restock cleaning products. They can also select their preferred cleaning products to use.

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Requirements for Cleaner/Housekeeper

If you’re considering moving to Canada to work as a cleaner/housekeeper, you’re certainly not alone. Almost all provinces and territories are looking for cleaners, and the housekeeping industry is thriving, thanks to the increasing demand for these services.

To work as a cleaner/housekeeper in Canada, you’ll need to complete secondary education or a relevant college degree. Applicants must also be 18 years old or older, as this is the legal working age in Canada. Exceptional circumstances may allow employers to hire minors.

However, you should understand that Canadian immigration laws are extremely complex and difficult to navigate. Therefore, it’s important to have a thorough understanding of Canadian immigration laws before applying for a housekeeping job in Canada.

Cleaning responsibilities will require significant standing and walking. Housekeepers are required to use a wide variety of cleaning supplies, such as disinfectants and chemical cleaners.

Cleaning equipment may include mops, vacuums, brooms, and irons. In some cases, they’ll use dishwashers and laundry machines to clean. In Canada, you’ll need to have a Covid-19 vaccination.

Job Duties

Hiring Organization Ancor Cleaning Services
Post Name Cleaner/Housekeeper
Qualification Previous experience in cleaning, maintenance, or other related fields
Industry Private
Employment Type Full-Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary CA$17 to CA$18 Hourly
Location Grimsby, ON, Canada L3M 0A1


Among the job duties, housekeepers are responsible for administering bedside care to clients and preparing nutritious and balanced meals. These duties also include handling personal hygiene and providing companionship to customers.

Housekeepers may also be required to prepare meals for customers, especially those with special diets. They may also be responsible for cleaning the premises, preparing daily snacks, and helping their clients to exercise on a regular basis.

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As a housekeeper, you may be interested in immigrating to Canada. Canada invites hundreds of thousands of foreign nationals every year. You can work in commercial or private households.

The duties of a housekeeper include cleaning rooms, vacuuming floors, replacing linens, washing windows, and laundry. A housekeeper’s salary and benefits are competitive.

In order to work as a housekeeper in Canada, you must have completed secondary education and some positions may require college degrees. If you are a foreign national, you can immigrate to Canada if you have a legitimate job offer.

Once in Canada, you must adapt to the living conditions and language before starting your new job. To make sure you are physically fit for the job, you should submit a medical report.


There are many reasons why you might want to consider a cleaner/housekeeper recruitment in Canada. Perhaps you are bored of your current job or are not at your professional potential yet. Regardless of your reasons, this position is highly sought-after in Canada.

Housekeeping keeps the body active, which can be beneficial to our health. Light duty cleaners clean lobbies, hallways, rooms, and bathrooms. They work independently, or with a partner. Janitors and building superintendents coordinate the work of the cleaning crews.

Cleaning supervisors may require their employees to become familiar with WHS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System) and cleaning products. Others must also stay updated with building codes and regulations. You can pursue this training at the workplace or take manuals to learn about the changes.


Working as a cleaner/housekeeper in Canada is a great way to work for a stable income while improving your community’s quality of life. As a cleaner, you’ll have many opportunities to meet new people and establish relationships with recurring customers.

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Plus, you’ll know that your efforts are helping families enjoy healthier environments. Cleaners will also get to work with others on a team, which will help improve their camaraderie and boost their sense of achievement.

While cleaning/housekeeping work can be physically demanding, it is also very rewarding. In addition to making a great income, you’ll meet new people and have an exciting career! As a cleaner/housekeeper, you’ll often work with a team, fostering strong relationships. Besides being a part of a team, you’ll also be able to make many new friends.


The average salary for a Cleaner/Housekeeper in Canada is around $30,475 per year or $15.63 per hour. It should be enough to cover basic expenses for a family of four. A living wage should help lift people out of poverty and provide financial security during tough economic times.

In Canada, an entry-level Cleaner/Housekeeper can expect to earn an average salary of $27,300 per year. This average salary range includes benefits, housing, transportation, and tips.

However, the salary levels and benefits for this profession can vary significantly from one region to another. So, if you’re considering becoming a Cleaner/Housekeeper in Canada, you should know that there’s no magic formula to make your salary go up.

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