Recruitment for Marketing Manager in Canada

Recruitment for Marketing Manager in Canada

A marketing manager’s job description reflects the importance of branding a company and its products. The position is often the most visible to the public, and it is also responsible for managing the company’s advertising campaigns.

A marketing manager’s duties are largely the same as those of a sales manager, but some jobs are more glamorous. In such a role, the role of a marketing manager is arguably more important.

Who is a Marketing Manager?

The role of a marketing manager is to develop and execute a marketing strategy for a company. The position requires a high level of responsibility, as they need to research new marketing opportunities and develop an excellent relationship between the brand and the customer.

This role is crucial for a business, as it involves making important decisions that will affect the whole organization. There are many responsibilities that come with this position.

The job description of a marketing manager may vary. Some job duties include developing the business environment and evaluating products and services to increase sales. Other duties may include determining the distribution of products, identifying opportunities for business growth, and ensuring the company delivers the best results.

All of these roles require the proper level of cooperation among a company’s departments. However, the job description of a marketing manager is very broad.

Creativity is another essential skill for a marketing manager. Creativity is essential in marketing, as it fulfills the needs of the clients and the desires of consumers. It is the most effective way to create a lasting memory in the minds of consumers.

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Creativity is also critical in establishing a target audience. This role requires a high level of organization, teamwork, and concern for detail. The right candidate will possess these characteristics and many more.

Requirements for Marketing Manager

The job description of a Marketing Manager varies across Canada. Successful candidates have a strong understanding of marketing, organizational, and management principles, as well as experience providing direction and leadership. Many have gained professional experience by pursuing internships or job shadowing.

Candidates with a business degree are typically successful, but there are some positions where the experience of a Master of Business Administration is particularly beneficial. The requirements for this position are different depending on the province and the organization in which the candidate is employed.

The Marketing Manager helps the company maintain its leadership position in the Canadian market by managing the full range of General Surgery products. He or she is responsible for developing and implementing marketing programs and campaigns and achieving sales and profitability targets.

This role is based in Toronto and requires at least five years of field marketing experience. A candidate with strong ties to the press in the region is a major plus. In addition, the individual must be detail-oriented and enjoy working in a team environment.

InThink Human Resources Company

InThink Human Resources Company is seeking a motivated, enthusiastic, and creative Marketing Manager to join their team in Toronto, Canada. They specialize in human resources consulting and recruitment, as well as offering live seminars and leadership coaching.

The company understands that every situation is different, so they employ innovative and out-of-the-box ideas to assist their clients in achieving their business goals. You’ll enjoy working in a dynamic, creative environment with a team of highly talented individuals who are focused on the success of their clients.

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Job Duties

Hiring Organization InThink Human Resources
Post Name Marketing Manager
Qualification Minimum of five years of marketing experience
Industry Private
Employment Type Full-Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary CA$60,000 to CA$100,000 Annually
Location Surrey, BC, Canada V3R 0A1


What are the Job Duties of a Marketing Manager in a Canadian Corporation? Marketing managers are responsible for ensuring that an organization’s marketing efforts are effective and cost-effective. They must be adept at analyzing consumer behavior, promoting a product, and evaluating the competition.

They must also be able to develop and maintain sales tools and support programs and evaluate trade show opportunities. Regardless of the industry or location, Marketing Managers earn a median annual salary of $60,000 and are in high demand.

While sales and marketing positions are typically more generalized in their scope, Canada-based sales and marketing roles are more specialized. Job responsibilities are often cross-functional and overlap with roles in other countries.

A generalist profile may be preferred by organizations in Canada. However, there are challenges to applying for these positions. You can apply online for the role.


When searching for a marketing manager position in Canada, remember that there are many opportunities in the country. While some marketing jobs are in retail and office environments, there are also positions in marketing agencies and marketing companies.

Marketing manager positions are also available in the Internet world, as marketing managers work for online businesses, search engine optimization firms, and software companies. If you have the right skills and knowledge, you can easily find a job in one of these sectors in Canada.

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The Canadian oil industry is an emerging global player and is the sixth largest producer of crude oil in the world. Its high capital reserves and a strong economy have made Canada’s banking system one of the safest in the world, and this will likely continue through the 2020s.

As petroleum costs rise, new businesses will need to find ways to increase profits and leverage marketing initiatives. Marketing managers are in high demand for these companies.


The median salary for a marketing manager in Canada is $74,040 per year. However, the salary can vary greatly. Some positions require certifications in digital marketing and search engine optimization. Typically, a marketing manager’s salary will be higher than the national average.

In Canada, the median salary for a marketing manager is $6,175 per month or $37.97 per hour. The highest level of education for this position is a Bachelor’s degree.

By the time a marketing manager reaches the Mid-career level, the salary increases by 29%. It is also higher than the national average for this job title in Canada. This is because of higher experience. Moreover, salaries for associates are lower than those of senior-level marketers.

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