Ongoing Recruitment at Payday

About Payday

Payday is a Fintech startup that is geared with the mission of facilitating an inclusive, accessible, and connected global financial system for Africans no matter where they are. Payday is simplifying how Africans send and receive their money within and beyond Africa.


Working at Payday

Payday is dedicated to bringing in top talent and keeping it on board. Payday provides appealing benefits and packages, including health, dental, and vision insurance, a matching 401(k), pre-tax benefits, and flexible work-from-home choices, in addition to competitive pay. These benefits are offered in addition to competitive pay. Then there are enjoyable activities, like happy hours, team outings, volunteer chances, ongoing education, and more.


Job Description

Payday is seeking a Customer Support Associate who is aware of the fundamentals of excellent customer service and who can effectively converse while assisting the team through various channels.


Payday is Seeking Applicants that:

  • Have experience in a customer experience role within a successful start-up businesses
  •  Are curious, love seeking knowledge about technical products, and is motivated by problem solving
    and one to one interactions with users
  • Have experience handling difficult customers or situations and can demonstrate resolutions
  • Have excellent problem-solving and time management skills
  • Have strong understanding of technical concepts or terms, an analytical mindset and attention to
  • Have solid understanding of customer needs, and is quick at understanding performance metrics
  • Have  ability to identify where issues might arise and quick at resolving problems

Job Responsibilities

  • collaborating with internal teams to guarantee prompt customer complaint resolution
  • Improving customer service experience, creating engaged customers and facilitate
    organic growth
  • Taking ownership of customers issues and following problems through to resolution
  • Keeping accurate records and documenting customer service actions and discussions
  • Reviewing pertinent data and reports about Payday customers with the rest of the team
  • Advocating for the improvement of our products and services for Payday users
  • Commit to fostering a high-performance environment where excellence is prioritized and learning is valued
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Job Qualifications

  • 1-2 years of experience in  working as customer support
  • Motivation and flexibility to deliver duties effectiviely and efficiently in a high-growth environment where things
    change quickly
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills



$20,000 – $23,000 per year



  • A fully remote work schedule
  • Competitive compensation
  • Opportunity to work with smart and kind colleagues around the world



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