High Demand High-Paying Unskilled Jobs Available Abroad


Many migrants are usually concerned about the kind of jobs they can engage in when they travel abroad. The truth is many of these migrants are without skills or have low-level skills. However, there are many jobs you can always do as a migrant in countries like Canada, US, or UK. All you need is information on the available jobs and how you can get these jobs. Another concern is whether these jobs are high-paying. Yes, there are high-paying low-skilled, or unskilled jobs that you can do. And as I mentioned earlier, all you need is the information. Now take your time to read this article as we address your major concerns.


What are Unskilled Jobs?

Unskilled jobs are job roles or positions that do not require specialized skills, expertise, or training to execute their day-to-day responsibilities. Many of these Unskilled or low-skill jobs are designated as entry-level. The activities or Job roles involved in these jobs are usually very simple. In situations where the employees will have to be trained, the training will be done through hand-on-practice and they take usually less than one month to gain mastery of the job.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Do unskilled Jobs require a degree to apply?

Answer: In most cases, these jobs do not require any degree or education qualification to get.

Question: Where are unskilled workers needed?

Answer: Unskilled workers are needed in many industries including engineering, food, manufacturing, construction, and retail industries.


Top 11 Examples of High-Paying Unskilled Jobs and Salaries


  1. Receptionists

Average Salary: $28,000 – $30,000 per year

Primary assignments: When a customer, a vendor, or a visitor enters a place of business, the receptionist is frequently the first person they talk to. Visitors are greeted by receptionists, who also guide them to the appropriate office. They typically accept messages from callers and respond to emails and phone calls, and they may also receive, sort, and distribute mail. The administrative duties that receptionists frequently carry out include updating calendars, scheduling appointments, and maintaining files.

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  1. Construction Workers

Average Salary: $35,000 – $45,000 per year

Primary responsibilities: Construction workers are responsible for the construction processes of buildings and infrastructures. Usually, they work collectively or as a team for the completion of a project. They frequently dig, pave, and clear debris using heavy equipment. Loading and unloading supplies, controlling traffic around construction sites, and assisting contractors with various tasks are all common duties for construction workers. Temporary constructions like barriers and scaffolding may be erected and taken down by them.


  1. Sales Representatives

Average Salary: $32,000 – $35,000 per year

Primary responsibilities: Sales representatives can also be called sales attendants. They are in charge of selling goods or products to customers in sales outlets or stores or companies. In order to assist customers in selecting a product that meets their requirements, they employ effective communication and customer service techniques as well as in-depth product knowledge. Sales representatives or attendants may conduct their business in person, on the phone, or online. They might be in charge of merchandising, promoting, and following up on sales leads in order to grow their customers. Typically, sales representatives file orders, record sales, and examine sales trends.


  1. Care Workers

Average Salary: $33,000 – $35,000 per year

Primary responsibilities: Care workers help people who require assistance with everyday tasks or activities so they can live their life in the best possible way. They can also be called caregivers. Their services are needed in care facilities, nursing homes, or care homes to assist the elderly or those with learning impairments.

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  1. Flight Attendants

Average Salary: $43,000 – $48,000 per year

Primary responsibilities: Flight attendants are agents usually hired in the airline industry. They take responsibility for ensuring the safety of personnel and passengers when boarded on the airplane. Aisles are kept clear, emergency protocols are explained, safety equipment is monitored, and onboard medical emergencies are handled by these crew members. By serving food, drinks, and snacks, flight attendants also offer client care.


  1. Farm Workers

Average Salary: $28,000 – $35,000 per year

Primary responsibilities: Farmworkers are in charge of taking care of livestock and managing crops. They frequently clear ground, plant seeds, and install irrigation pipes using heavy farm machinery and equipment. They also are in charge of inspecting and harvesting crops which may be carried out manually. Pesticides are frequently used by farmworkers to control fungi, plants, and insects. Along with cleaning their pens, giving them medications, and branding or tagging the animals, they also feed, clean, and examine the livestock.

Fruit pickers are also another job category under farm workers and they are specifically responsible for harvesting fruits in farms or orchards.


  1. Sanitation Workers

Average Salary: $28,000 – $37,000 per year

Primary responsibilities: They are employed as workers in the sanitation industry for collecting and moving the trash from homes and companies to landfills. They typically operate their vehicles while driving and maintaining and cleaning them regularly. Along with operating large machinery, sanitation employees might also need to perform some heavy lifting.


  1. Delivery Drivers

Average Salary: $33,000 – $42,000 per year

Primary responsibilities: These are drivers hired by delivery service companies. They are responsible for delivering or transporting products to customers using vans, trucks, or cars. They load and unload inventory, make sure the goods are delivered undamaged, input data to help monitor shipments, and assist the package’s recipient with any needs. Delivery drivers frequently plan and modify their paths in response to traffic conditions, weather, and construction.

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  1. Administrative Assistants

Average Salary: $33,000 – $45,000 per year

Primary responsibilities: Administrative assistants are responsible for ensuring that the workplace functions smoothly, efficiently, and effectively. They frequently compose reports, conduct research, keep filing systems up to date, input data into various software applications, and deliver mail. Appointment scheduling and trip planning are other tasks that administrative assistants can perform. They ought to be acquainted with standard office tools like fax, copiers, telephones, and other machines as well as software programs like spreadsheets, word processors, ordering systems and databases.


  1. Store Keepers

Average Salary: $27,000 – $35,000 per year

Primary responsibilities: Storekeepers are responsible for organizing inventories, records of sales, and receipts for retail establishments. They could be employed in a store or a factory. Inventory maintenance software is frequently used by stocking associates to handle inventory, conduct inventory checks, and place orders for new supplies. To transport and arrange bulk shipments, they might drive forklifts. Retail stocking staff members may have to complete orders on the sales floor, set up displays, and respond to inquiries from customers.


  1. House Keepers

Average Salary: $27,000 – $35,000 per year

Primary responsibilities: Housekeepers are responsible for handling and executing typical cleaning chores performed by a vacuuming, dusting, making beds, cleaning various rooms in the home or apartments, washing dishes, doing laundry and mopping floors. Their services are usually required in the hospitality industry such as hotels and suites, hospitals, nursing homes, restaurants, etc.








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